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They speak English in Scotland???? You could have fooled me! Before we closed the shop we had a couple from Scotland as customers. Diane and I would both listen to them, then compare notes to see if we could decipher what was said! As the might have said, our understanding gang aft aglay. (Apologies to Robert Burns!)

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LOL, Jim I love you, I laughed out loud at the English to English dictionary. What you need is an American English to English English translator. Somewhere here in my home I have a huge Webster's dictionary that lists both the American English and the Standard English spellings, I think it was the Webster's one. I have so many dictionaries buried somewhere . I had a massive reorganisation of my home, and now I have hundreds of books piled up against the walls of my dining room waiting for strong book shelves to hold them. My old bookshelves ran the full height of my stair well and needed a ladder to reach the ones above head height. I'm no longer able to scale ladders so they had to come down.

I donated 3 crate full crates of books to a school in Romania, gave away nearly as many, just keeping a much smaller selection. Fancy knocking up a few book shelves for me?

Maggie Cooper also in England where only those educated in Scotland speak the queens English.

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