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Hi Jim
thanks for reply, not wanted I really wanted to hear:-(
my PC is only 2 months old as is an All in one touch screen desktop operating on Windows 7, PC is not freezing up, just MBX everything else working Ok,I have had a couple of error messages one says There was a problem sending command to the program
the other system error, exception access violation
excepton code:c000005
exception flags:0
exception address:0064245B
number paramaters:
statup addres:006219F0
offset of exception:00020A6B, to me complete gobeledy gook maybe they mean something to you or a learned friend out there.
Kind Regards

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Aaack!!! Your dealer did you no favors! The usual uninstall/reinstall shuffle should not be used with MBX. It will prevent the Corel option from reinstalling correctly. You may need help from Janome to get it reinstalled, as there are some internal Windows settings that need to be adjusted.

The sudden freezing up could be from many different things. If you've had your computer for a while (3 years or more) it could be overheating. This comes from accumulated dust and dirt that gets sucked into the computer, and sometimes the cooling fan itself stops working. You may not notice at all until you use a program that requires a lot of CPU power, which Digitizer MBX definitely does. The computer chip inside the computer monitors the temperature, and if it gets too high it will stop working to prevent itself from being damaged.

If your computer is a desktop, you can probably remove one of the covers. Unplug everything, take off one or both covers and vacuum out all the dust. Compressed air can be used to blow dust out of crevices, like the fins of the heat sink that the cooling fan rests on. Once everything is clean you can put it back together, but before you put on the final cover plug it in and turn it on just long enough to verify that the fans are all working. If any are not working, replace them.

Laptops are tougher, because they are full of tiny parts and just taking one apart is a big challenge. If the computer is a laptop, have it checked by a professional. Cooling fans often fail in laptops, and need to be replaced.

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Hi there
I sure hope some one can help me, I was using MBX this morning (UK) when suddenly it stared freezing up for no apparent reason, I switched PC off/on several times and neither time would the programme open again.
I called my dealer who said to uninstall and then re install programme,
I have been trying this and settings etc for around 8 hours now and ready for pulling my hair out,any help would be very gratefully received.
TIA everyone.
Kind Regards

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