Obsolete Janome machines? ? ?

Charlene Kay Bergren

Hi Everyone - Needing some advice from some of you.  Had a friend call me this afternoon from Arizona.  She and I both have Janome 11000's (which we LOVE) and I have a 12000 as well.  She was looking at the 15000, but was in a dealership and was told that the 11000 and 12000 machines are both "obsolete" machines and that they (meaning the service departments) CAN NOT get repair parts for either machine.  She specifically inquired about a screen or mother board.  Nope - if they go out you are just out of luck.  Then she asked about the 15000 - "you mean if I pay this big money for this machine - it's not going to last  more than a few years?"  The salesperson just smiled at her and said nothing.

Now, can anyone fill me in on whether or not this is true.  I know sometimes things happen that there is no rhyme or reason to - I'm not talking about the unusual.  I'm talking about common sense stuff and surely this can't be true.  Unless you don't work for your money, who on earth, would invest in a machine that isn't expected to last but a few years?  That's not the way we roll here in Iowa.

Please advise us - and thanks in advance for any and all input to this subject!

Kay Bergren

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