AcuDesign fault

Pru Joy

I was most perturbed today to find that my embossed design on a towel was not centred as I had been so careful to check before stitching. I just couldn’t work out what had gone wrong so I checked all the processes & finally found that the fault was in AcuDesign. I always use AcuDesign if I have to resize a design as it adjusts the stitch density accordingly. I usually just choose a different size hoop & then click the “fit to hoop” button. And that’s what I had done this time.

However when I used the AcuDesign on screen tape measure I found that yes it was centred in the original hoop but after fitting to a different hoop it was definitely no longer centred! Out by at least a centimetre or so depending on the size of hoop.

Wow, this explained a couple of designs that had also not turned out as well placed as I had tried to set up but which I just put down to my own novice effort. I did then delete the AcuDesign app from my iPad & then reinstalled it but the results were the same. So now I guess I will just have to drop the idea of using “the fit to hoop” option.

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