Re: Piecing Question-suggestion and another question!


Speaking of "straight stitch foot", quilting, etc, first of all I want to say I absolutely love the 9mm stitch width for the beautiful decorative stitches, BUT, when I do a pattern that has 12 points coming together, I haven't even attempted it on the 12000, as I don't think I'd get the perfection I attain when I use up to a 5.5 mm width machine only, as I want the straight stitch plate, and the 1/4 inch foot, and for the fabric to be going over both feed dogs, which just isn't possible with a center needle position on a 9 mm machine sewing a 1/4 inch seam. So, to be perfect, the included straight stitch/embroidery plate, needed to have a puka (Hawaiian for hole)on the right at the scant 1/4 inch needle position (or a seperate plate?), with a straight stitch 1/4 inch foot! Ah, if the Janome designers just included those of us in this group, imagine what the machine would include and be capable of doing...or we would in reality probably just drive them crazy! Barbara Jean

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And yes, it's puzzling why a machine that has had so much attention paid to quilting would not come with a straight stitch foot!

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