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maggie cooper

''I used Janome digitizer in the past but found that there was a much cheaper, way more advanced software available that was exceptional.''
I don't normally wade into discussions about Digitising software, but today I'm making an exception. The reason I don't wade in is because of my bias, I've owned several different digitising suites, Brothers embroidery suite, Pfaffs embroidery suite,  Husqvarna's software.  I now own  Floriani  FTC-U , Generation plus software, Embird basic + Studio, cross stitch, photo-stitch, iconizer, , Janome MBX version 5 ( I started with Janome Digitiser 10000, and upgraded) Wilcom's Hatch, Wilcom's Embroidery Studio version 3 and am looking at upgrading to ES4, . 
One thing I've realised about any software not just digitising software, is the user interface has to suit the end user, if it doesn't learning how to get the best from any program will be an uphill struggle. I'm an end user that prefers not to have to leave my digitising screen in order to export to a stitch format, edit stitches, create multi hoop layouts, write to card or usb, I prefer to handle everything in a one screen setting, not have to jump to an editor or manager. Although Janome digitiser 10000 was very limited, and I used Embird at the same time, it was the Janome digitiser that made me actually learn two things. Firstly it forced me to be inventive, to experiment and find ways to overcome the programs limitations and learn how to manually digitise. Secondly it taught me, it's not all the bells and whistles a program may or may not have, that makes an end user a good digitiser, but what an end user does with the tools provided.

I have the latest build of Embird, its still a good program, but for me and my user interface preferences, the Wilcom written programs are superb. Here is where I have to declare I beta test Wilcom software, their domestic and commercial packages. There was a tremendous leap forward in Janomes Digitiser Pro version 3, version 4 saw another huge leap forward, and version 5 flew skywards. I personally can't wait to see what MBX 5.5 has to offer. As for pricing, that is decided by Janome America, not Wilcom. Wilcom's own domestic software, a really nice user friendly software with the added bonus of excellent software support provided by Wilcom, is priced by Wilcom, and is affordable, it shares a similar user interface with the Bernina and Janome software.  Am I trying to sell it, no I am not, I couldn't give a monkeys which software folks buy, but I would say, ask yourselves do I like one screen applications, or do I prefer switching between modules. Am I prepared to put in the time, effort, commitment needed to learn to digitise manually, or would an auto digitiser suit my needs better. 
Maggie Cooper aka Digimad, mags meandering.

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