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norma carson <norma7750@...>

I'm an Embird user also, love it! tried embrilliance and returned it, not as user friendly as Embird...
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On Jan 18, 2018, at 7:35 AM, Estelle Torpy <emtorpy@...> wrote:

Another option is Embrilliance which works on both Mac and PC and you can have it on more than one computer. It too comes in modules so you buy only the level you want. There are a lot of youtube videos for examples on how to do different things. Also no dongle needed.

After owning expensive Pfaff software, instead of upgrading I looked into Embird and Embrilliance and found them both to be easier to use and they both have a 30 day free trial or demo mode.

Good luck with your decision, after all the only good software is the one that works for you.


On Jan 18, 2018, at 3:57 AM, Cynthia Dickerson <cindydickerson@...> wrote:

I just read the price of the new Janome digitizing  software.  I am one of the biggest Janome fans, but this is pricey.  I used Janome digitizer in the past but found that there was a much cheaper, way more advanced software available that was exceptional.  You might want to check into Embird software.  It has upgrades from time to time.  Some are free, some you pay for.  They usually run around $30.00 for an upgrade.  I have no connection to this software, but it is wonderful.  There are different parts of the software that you can purchase.  You only purchase what you think you will use.  I love to digitize and this software gives you everything that you need. It gives professional, quality designs.  If you need help,  you will receive fast, and excellent attention.   This just another option.
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