Re: Embroidery satin stitching tension

Donna Morton

I’m curious to know which brand/type of embroidery thread you have selected in the SET menu as your default thread.  If it is Janome Acrylic, then the default tension is lower than for the polyester and the other brands of rayon thread.  If you are using Janome Acrylic, try changing to another brand for your default.
Donna M

Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 4:08 PM
Subject: [janome12000] Embroidery satin stitching tension

On the 12000, has anyone had problems with little or no bobbin thread showing on satin stitching segments.  I'm trying to figure out if I have a problem that calls for me to have to haul the "tank" (my affectionate name for the 12000 whenever I try to move it because of the weight) in to the dealer after only 2 weeks of ownership or if this is just an idiosyncrasy of the machine.  I've described what it is doing in more detail below.
I've been experimenting with bobbin threads and bobbin holders in the embroidery mode and am finding that on satin stitch columns and filagree style stitching (graduated satin stitching) I'm getting no bobbin thread showing when using the yellow dot bobbin holder and only a thin line if I switch to the red dot bobbin holder.  At first I thought it might be the bobbin thread I was using (the Janome prewound bobbins) so I visited my dealer and when I described the problem, she indicated that they've had a few reports of inconsistencies with the pre-wounds and showed me what they were using in the store with the yellow dot bobbin holder.  It was a much finer, slicker, and thinner thread.  So I got some of it and came home and stitched some more and had pretty much the same results on my test block letters.  So then I decided to try the built in butterfly design with my name in script under it.  The underlay and weave-fill stitches looked fine  from the back with mostly bobbin thread showing and just a little bit of top color.  But anywhere it was doing satin stitching it really pulled the top thread down and around with little or no bobbin color showing.  The results with the red bobbin holder were almost the same, only a slight line of bobbin thread through the back center of the script text.  I switched to sewing mode with the red bobbin case and it appears to be correctly balanced on the regular sewing and decorative stitches (using regular thread in the bobbin that was the same weight as the top).  So is this really a "problem" or something I'm worrying about needlessly?  

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