Re: A little confused - group purpose

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Thanks for clearing things up!  At the beginning  of the transition there were so many posts it was hard to follow the conversations.  I went back to the very beginning, and think that the comment about being for digitizers was from someone who was starting a new group.  I misinterpreted and thought that would be the focus of this group.  Since the 15000 is so heavy, and most of my issues are user error, I rely on the group’s expertise to get me through, rather than have to drag it to my dealer, although he is very accommodating.  When I have questions about whether a design was digitized properly, I can hire someone from the group to evaluate and fix it!  I’ll post my question about fusible fleece separately, so the topic title is accurate.  Glad I still have this group to rely on for advice.  Sue Raabe  Susies.stitches@...

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