A little confused

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I have read all the posts about the transition to this group, but I still don't completely understand it’s premise.  Is it still primarily for support for Janome machines?  When it was still on Yahoo, I seem to remember reading that questions related to quilting were also acceptable.  I thought I read in one of the early digests that it is now a group for digitizers. Did I misunderstand?  Since I’m not a digitizer, if that’s the focus of this group, I’ll remove my name.  I’m not complaining; just makes no sense reading messages about a topic that doesn’t pertain to me!  I have a question about fusible fleece that I will try to find an answer to on a quilting group, unless it’s OK to ask it here.  I tried looking it up online first, and couldn’t find the answer.  If the group membership is now for digitizers and digitizer wannabes, I will unsubscribe, grateful for all the information and support I have received over the last several years.  There is no criticism implied, I’m just trying to find out if this group still applies to me!  Sue Raabe Susie’s.stitches@...

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