Re: Hoops for 12k


Since the group is now also about other Janome machines...

To be honest the smaller, closer fitting hoops are the thing I love the most about my Janome 500e.  For doing close-in garment embellishment, especially if I am playing with appliqué and trimming fabric, they beat even the 12000/15000 5x7 hoop.  But for bigger projects and anything quilting related, that machine doesn’t have much throat area or the GR and quilting hoops like the 12000/15000.

As I keep explaining to my husband, there is no ideal, perfect single machine for all embroidery applications.  Fortunately, his hobbies tend to have the same issues, so he does understand.


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On Jan 13, 2018, at 5:30 AM, Mary Ann <marysew@...> wrote:

I wish i had a hoop smaller than the sq14 but larger than fa10 to do tab shirts n childrens smaller clothes.
It is hard to hoop the big border around the sq14.  I had the 10k and loved the square 5x5 hoop.  Any suggestions? Thanks  Mary

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