Re: Speaking of work arounds... HorizonLink

cas <cassweet@...>

Thanks Donna,

I just did that. I did not get “not responding”.  Yay!!


It still won’t automatically open an embroidery design.  I must click on the top left button again, then open, and go look for it for the file in the folder.  The way it used to work is I would click on the file in my folder on the PC.  I can see the design because of Sew Iconz.  It would open HL and I would be looking at the design.


I think in my case there is something wrong with the path using Sew Iconz.  I contacted them before and reinstalled it a few times because it ended up opening HL no matter what file I clicked on.  Now, at least HL opens up.  It just doesn’t finishing opening up the file.


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