Re: On the proliferation of groups

As one of the “Wade’s Group” members eons ago, I thank you for the education and the trip down memory lane. I remember when you started the group and how much help you gave to us all. Remember the program you wrote to use as a work-around until Janome came up with a fix for … ( I don’t remember what it did or why we needed it, but I used it — it had a frog for it’s icon). You always had a workaround for us for problems, and this is going back to when many of us were using coffee filters for stabilizers. WOW has technology and access to everything come a long way quickly. My first access to online was using Prodigy thru Compuserve and aol at a baud rate of 1200 — (shoot me!). I loved out of the country for several years and your group’s assistance was invaluable. Thanks to all the help you and the group provided, I was able to stick to it and enjoy it tremendously. Thanks to you and Diane!

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