A new Facebook group...

JoAnn Novak

 Well said and I agree. 

 Thank you Jim and Diane for all you have done to inform us on many issues.

 Hugs,  JoAnn

Life's biggest decision is what you do with Jesus.

I read this mail in total disbelief, it implies a friction existed, something I never experienced in the old group, it is also totally inappropriate to advertise another group on a successfully running platform that fulfils the needs of its membership and owner.  Quite frankly I'm appalled by your  mail, it shows a lack of group etiquette on your part, and implies this groups owner lacks the expertise and skill set to run a group. 2 attributes Jim and Diane have continuously shown they both have in abundance. 

Jim quite sensibly portaged the old group to this platform after discovering Yahoo had removed support for Yahoo groups back in 2014, something they never advised group owners about. One thing beyond his control was members whose mails were bouncing, Groups.io. do not transfer members who are bouncing mails back to senders, they class them as removed. Had the group remained with Yahoo/Verizon/Oath it would have been left to decay to the point of destruction, a point many Yahoo groups have found themselves in. 

This group has two very important assets, three if I include Jim's lovely sense of humour, those assets are Jim and Diane Stutsman, it would be a very foolish move to leave the known tried and tested knowledge of the owners of this group to follow an untried, untested group that appears by the first mail in this thread, to be a group of disaffected, dare I say drama queens, perhaps not, but certainly people who are maybe disappointed that Jim and Diane chose not to use perhaps the worse group provider on the web, FaceBook. 

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