Re: Horizon 15000 clear view 9 mm 1/4 inch foot

Sharon Simmons

Thank you Jim for moving all of us to the new format. 


I have a question about the ¼ inch clear 9 mm foot, OV.  When I put in on, the back hangs down.  I have never seen a foot that does that and was wondering if that’s the way it’s supposed to fit on the presser foot holder.  I went online to the Janome website and the picture that shows the foot is in the down position.  The footbook doesn’t show it attached to the machine.  My regular ¼ O foot doesn’t hang in the back.  In other words, the only thing holding the foot to the presser foot is the bar that attaches to the presser foot and it’s hanging from that bar in the back.  Thanks for your help.  Sharon  

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