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If anyone is interested I'm selling my 11000 bc I don't use it anymore. I have 2 industrial machines now and it's a shame to have it just sitting there. You can write me at stitchedinfaith@... if you interested in it


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Hi Jim and all

I was wondering if I had missed anything as we have been so engrossed with our house move.  Completed today so we are now homeless in our motor home until we find somewhere in Pembrokeshire.

I was surprised to find we were now a groups io group but knew something about it after Mags recent group move.  Looking forward to learning more about other Janome machines too - you just never know when one will come your way!

Looking forward to getting my 15000 and all my other machines out of storage - having to make do with a Janome 1818 and Vesta Saxonia (from approx 1930).

Happy New Year everyone.


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