thread question- please help

Ceil J

I tried asking this question on Facebook but didn't really get the help  I need.
I want to piece a block in the hoop, then put the backing on the underside of the hoop to do Quilt as You Go, and then do the embroidery while the block is still in the hoop.  As I want to do an entire quilt with the same color thread, I'd like to know what thread I should use for the piecing/embroidery/bobbin or if I can use all the same thread for all of it.  I looked at Superior Threads but they didn't seem to have the light color I wanted except in Bottom Line (I have a small spool of that in color 620 which works well) but they don't have prewound bobbins in class 15 in the color I need and I'm confused by their many #40 wt poly.  If I could just buy one thread that would be great but I don't want a tension problem and I want the top and bottom to look nice (of course).  Please, and help would be appreciated.

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