Re: Janome 9mm Quilt Binder Set

Ceil J

When I mentioned to my dealer that I was interested in buying the binder for the 15000 he didn't sell it to me but told me that the next time I make an appointment to come in (I live almost 3 hours away) to let him know in advance that I want the binder and he'll have the shop's expert teach me how to use it.  He says it's easy once you know the tricks and so I'm hoping that I can learn and get it this spring.  It's been on my list for a while and it's good to know that it can work well and be a time saver.  My hands no longer appreciate sewing on bindings which I did for the first several quilts I made. Also as I'm unlikely to ever enter a show (this will NEVER happen), why do this?  I did find that if you make a binding with a contrasting piping, you can successfully do the whole thing by machine, and I've gotten great results sewing the binding to the back and using the serpentine stitch on the front. 
Thank you  for sharing this.

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