Re: Janome 9mm Quilt Binder Set

Cat - N

I have the 7mm Janome Quilt Binder set and I have used it on my 11000.  I have not purchased the 9mm set for my 15000 because I have the 7mm and the 11000, too, and the 9mm is quite a pricey unit if you don't really need one that is only 2mm wider...unless it is a gift...LOL

I used the quilt binder set on a flannel quilt with poly batting and 2-1/2" flannel binding.  It worked really well in test and through the first part of the binding.  Flannel being quite soft and stretchy, despite having been sprayed/ironed until pretty stiff with sizing/starch, was probably not the best binding to use with the set, and the poly batting with the flannel was not the best combination either due to the thickness of the batting, and softness/stretchiness of the flannel.  I had enough trouble with it, though, that I bound the second flannel quilt the 'normal' way, and even hand stitched the binding, finishing just hours before having to leave to attend the baby shower.

At the time, I guessed that it was my combination that resulted in the thicknesses needing 'help' to ride under the presser foot at times.  I guessed that with thin batting and cotton fabrics, that it would work well/better but definitely practice is needed IMHO.  I swore that I would try it again with a 'regular cotton' quilt with thin batting, but I haven't been able to get back to that project.

As I said, I practiced for quite a while on a duplicate quilt sandwich sample and got the set adjusted and working nicely before I put the 'real' quilt under the presser foot, but with the larger quilt, once it started being stubborn on the feed dogs, I guessed the weight became an issue as well.  For sure, that binding will not come off though, no matter what that baby does to it over the years...LOL 

When it was working well, it was gloriously pretty and absolutely perfect, though...and, for the record, no one noticed and no one seemed to mind the irregular stitching either...except mortified me!

If you have scraps you can make sample quilt sandwiches out of, I'd say try again...make potholders, coasters, doggie pads/quilts, etc.  I do think it could be a lovely time saver for some projects, and some day, I am going to haul it back out and play some more.

- Cat

Try using one of the dual feed feet with the binder. That really helps.

Fri, Dec 15, 2017 11:00 pm

Does anyone use or have tried the 9mm Janome Quilt Binder set?  My husband bought me one and I am having a hard time with it and was wondering if anyone has any tips.
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