Re: HorizonLink Update and Windows 10

Anne Parker

Here in UK we get the machine upgrade software and the new Horizon Link on a USB in the upgrade kit (which also includes all the new feet and foot holder).  So we get everything to upgrade the machine apart from the new pin for the needle threader.  If we want that we have to send the machine to Janome - I'm currently not planning to do that as my threader works fine.

My kit arrived from the dealer on Tuesday.  I don't have my machine available at the moment (it's packed, in storage over 200 miles away at my step-daughters while we are trying to move!) but of course I have my laptop.  In fact I have my old laptop (upgraded to Windows 10) with HL1.2 on it and my new laptop (came with Windows 10 installed) without it on (the disk with HL 1.2 is also at my step-daughters!)

Anyway I installed HL 1.31 onto my new laptop - you don't need the old HL 1.2 to install the new one.  The HL folder from the USB is copied to your laptop (I guess you just download the files sent via email in the US)  then you select the setup.exe file and it installs beautifully.

All was fine until all of a sudden HL closed and then my shortcuts to it wouldn't work.  I searched for Horizonlinksuite.exe and couldn't find it in the Janome folder where it had installed or anywhere on my computer, so I uninstalled via the control panel and installed again and it was fine - then up popped a message from my Bullguard Antivirus telling me it had quarantined Horizonlinksuite.exe and gave me the option to report it as a false positive, which I did and HL has worked fine every since.

I did take a look in the Bullquard quarantine folder and there sure enough was the missing Horizonlinksuite.exe from the first install.

So for me both HL 1.2 and HL 1.31 work fine on Windows 10. 


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Important Note: The Machine Accessory Upgrade Kit for the 15000 sold in the UK and Australia (Part #862414007) is not the same as the one sold in the US and Canada (Part #862414018). The UK/AU version comes with a USB drive that contains the machine update to V3 and the FULL install for Horizon Link Suite 1.31. The US/CA version does not contain a USB drive. Instead the machine owner is directed to a dealer to have the machine updated and registered with Janome. Upon registration Janome emails a link to download an UPDATE to Horizon Link Suite. This update requires that Horizon Link Suite already be installed on the user's computer.

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