HorizonLink Update and Windows 10


I got my 15000 upgraded a few weeks back but have been consumed by some things at work and have been using my 500E for a t-shirt embroidery embellishment project. So I have not had a chance to test the physical aspects of the upgrade. May try to do it this weekend, with fingers crossed. I mainly did it for the new Ruler foot features. I’ve been following some of the struggles people have been having with the HorizonLink update and Windows 10 (which I have on my laptop) and have a question. I’ve downloaded the update and saved it, but do I have to go ahead and install the update? Or can I continue to use my current version of HL? I don’t tend to connect directly to the machine wirelessly...prefer to use USB drives to transfer designs. What other things will I be missing out on if I delay doing the software update? Thanks, Pixey Sent from my iPad

The number of people having trouble is very small. Those who got it upgraded successfully don't bother to post, so you only see the ones with problems. If you are worried about the update breaking HLS, make a full backup of your computer first. I prefer using an image backup, with Acronis being the best one. With an image backup you can restore everything back exactly as it was at the time of the backup.

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