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Anne, thank you for asking the question. I didn’t understand how the port could be moved, either. I’m 5’  2.5” (use to be 5’ 3”) and can’t reach it. A couple ports would be a great idea. I’m not sure the pool noodle would even be thick enough but I’m willing to try it.

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I'm curious to know what exactly the tech did to your 6600.  I can't see how adjusting the port on the 15000 would make it easier to reach the knee lift as where ever it reaches from it's current position it would be too far away for me.  The port itself would need to be moved to the left  2 or 3 inches in order for me to reach the knee lift comfortably.

Now if they put a couple of ports on the machine - at different places - for placement of the knee lift that would be a big improvement! :0)

I'm only 4ft 11ins and always have such issues.  I must get round to trying the 'fixes' with the pool aids other people have mentioned.  I haven't used the knee lift at all because it's impossible for me to use comfortably and ergonomically and it was one of the functions I wanted on a machine :0(


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