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Ceil J

No, you are not alone!  Mine worked 100% of the time before the update and, even though my dealer tested it over and over while I was there, it works intermittently now.  Very, very disappointing. 
After the update it worked at first, then it became iffy.  Then it went though a period of working for awhile then iffy again.  Then, when I tried to make a video to send to my dealer, it worked great and continued to do so for a while.  In the middle of a project I changed from the red tipped needle to a purple tipped needle and it would not work at all.  Nothing I did could get it to work and it didn't make sense at all.  I even turned off the machine to see if that would reset things but it refused to thread that and even the red needle which I placed back to test it.  Now, for some unknown reason it is working again. 
I am so annoyed by this. I felt I had to have mine replaced to keep up to date as I understood it at the time and thought that since the original worked so well, the replacement would not be a problem. 
This situation makes no sense to me at all!  But don't give up on it.  If my dealer were closer I would have brought my machine back to him sooner but it's a long trip for me.  I didn't tell him about my continuing problem but will as he should know and hopefully he'll be able to fix it when I get in there again.
So I feel and share your frustration!

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Am I the only one whose needle threader worked before the upgrade and has not worked since?

Patrice in Alaska (220 miles from my dealer…)

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