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It may have something to do with your needle size. When I updated, my dealer told me be sure and use a needle size greater than an 11 or I would have to manually thread it. Hope the solution is that simple for you.
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I'm getting a little  confused about update vs upgrade!  It seems like the terms are being used interchangeably, but I thought an upGRADE was something that must be purchased, as opposed to  upDATES which are newer features provided by the machine manufacturers.  My dealer installed the update, which included the needle threader and P foot, and anything else that was included from Janome, but I didn't purchase anything.  I didn't need the extra feet or capabilities.  For some reason, the needle threader is not catching the Isacord thread.  I tried several spools to be sure, and tried RA, which didn't work either.  It seems to work with Superior, but I have very little it.  It worked in the shop, and when I got it home.  I even watched the video again to make sure I threaded it right.  I would just switch brands, but I've accumulated quite a bit of Isacord, and don't want to start a whole new thread collection.  I have quite a collection of Jenny Haskins that came with my 15000 and I was going to sell it because I use polyester, and it's rayon.  Which is more widely recommended for embroidery?  If there are no drawbacks to rayon, and it works, it would be a good solution.  If anyone has any suggestions for getting the threader to work, I'd be just as happy to stick to my Isacord, and not switch to Jenny Haskins.  I've been trying to accumulate more shades of the colors I already have.  I try to order 3 different shades of a color to make sure the colors coordinate.  I have the actual thread sample chart, so I can tell which ones work together best.  I have had 4 Janomes, and almost always the problems are user error, and I'm stumped!  If I can't get it working properly, I guess I can take it to the dealer, but I want to rule out any mistakes I'm making first. Besides, it's so heavy, I rarely take it out of the house.  That's why I bought the S9. Hope someone has some suggestions.  Thanks.  Sue Raabe   sueis.stitches@...

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