Re: 15000 upgrade

cas <cassweet@...>

I got the upgrade about a week ago and I’m still waiting for the update file for HL Suite.  How long did it take before yours was mailed?


My needle threader is working so far.  I haven’t tried embroidery yet.  My last one would often fail when I went to embroidery mode, even if it was the same thread and needle.  I’m hoping this one is better.  It’s working great in sewing mode, every time!


I bought the Quiltmaker Update Kit as well.  I already had four of the feet in it, or very similar.  I’ve tried the HP foot and plate and like it so far. I made two quilt blocks which actually turned out the right size.  I guess I sew a better scant ¼” with it.

Kit Contains: : Ruler Work Foot QR, Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot QZ, 1/4” Seam Foot O (without guide), Darning Foot (Open-toe) PD-H, Embroidery Foot P,  Professional Grade Foot HP, Professional Grade Needle Plate HP, Hook Cover for Professional Grade Needle Plate HP, Presser Foot Holder, Installation/Usage Instructions.


I don’t know if the kit was worth the price to me.  To use the HP foot you have to take the foot shank off and use the HP foot instead.  Often when I’m sewing I switch frequently between the straight stitch and regular stitch plate without  the additional step of changing the shank.  Plus, the foot trays out of the tote fit nicely in my ironing desk, and where will I put the new feet?  Lol.  I was able to stack the extra needle plate by placing them back to back.


I’m finding surprises all the time on the machine, I guess I should print out the updated pages in the manual.  I saw a whole new section in the apps, wavering stitches or something like that.


Jim, is the My 15000 app updated with the Quilt Maker changes? 



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