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J Fraker

Why don't you just embroider his name on a piece of fabric and hand applique it on the stuffed animal?  I'm sure no one is going to complain about that.

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Does anyone know if the stuffed animals that are made to embroider are available as licensed products?  I'd like to embroider on Elmo for my grandson, but have no idea if such a thing is available.  A few years ago, I kept receiving emails from people who had ordered licensed sports team logo designs from someone with a very similar business name.  Since she had no contact information,  people would call me instead!  I know very little about the legalities except that digitizers need to purchase a licensed logo to sell it as a design. All I'm hoping to do is embroider his name on an unstuffed, legally purchased Elmo!  By asking here, I'm hoping to avoid endless hours of searching for something that doesn't exist.  If I hadn't received an ad for the 'regular' ones, I probably never would have thought of it.  It was an impulse idea, and if such a product doesn't exist, at some point, maybe I can find an Elmo design to embroider, or maybe not!  Not sure if it pays to buy a Brother, and do Disney instead (although my daughter loves Eyore!). Thanks for any info - just want to be clear that I'm not interested in doing anything illegal 🙂. 
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