Re: Stabilizer for embroidery

norma carson

I would go with 2 layers of medium weight cutaway layered crisscrossed.  they say 1 layer for every 10,000 stitches but if you are using kona cotton (and not a stretch fabric) you should be OK with 2 layers medium weight....good luck and keep us posted.
Lodi, CA

On Nov 23, 2017, at 10:43 AM, comara0202@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:

I have the Janome 12000 and have only done small embroider projects.  I have a design that is 37000+ stitches, 7.8 x 7.8 size.  I will use the SQ23 hoop and embroider on Kona cotton.  The design will be made into a throw pillow.  Which stabilizer should I use to support all the stitches?  

Thanks for any advice.


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