Upgrade and WiFi issues


I have always used WiFi to transfer designs to my machine and would also use AcuMonitor on my iPad if I left the room.

When I got my machine back after the upgrade, Horizon Link Suite could find my machine but would not send designs.  I thought it was because I hadn't updated Horizon Link Suite yet.  The AcuMonitor was also not working.  Again, it could find my machine but would not display the embroidery.

I updated Horizon LS today and I'm getting the same results.  I went into WiFi settings and reentered the network info and changed the name of my machine.  Same results, can find the machine, but cannot sent.  Says Connection Issues or something like that.  I know it's seeing the machine because it has the name change,

Any suggestions?
Gail in FL

There is no reason why your dealer would have had to do anything with the network settings. I would suggest asking to have the V3 update installed again. It sounds like something is incomplete or incorrect in the installed V3 software.

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