Re: Babylock Destiny II vs. Janome 15000

Suzanne Revere <srevere@...>

In addition to my 15000, I have a Brother ten needle embroidery machine and love the features... I have had Janomes since 1988 or so and love them.. HAVING SAID THAT...I think it’s so much more enjoyable to have good local support. My dealer worked thru that issue you’re having with your 15000 a long time ago and it is a dream now — especially with the latest update. If you’re looking at Babylock, you might consider Brother also (basically same machine) — depending on dealers available. I’m sorry you don’t have someone that knows how to fix that issue on 15000 — so much invested, it would be ideal to keep it. I actually was going to sell mine a long time ago because I use my ten needle most of the time and sew on a different Janome .... but what I could get from Dealer after he takes a commission, I couldn’t bear to give it up. Good Luck - consider all options

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