AcuDesign update

Elizabeth Gower

Has anyone in this group had a problem with acudesign since the latest update. All of a sudden when I try to transfer anything from dropbox acudesign crashes. I've also lost all my imported designs and my designs. This is the first time I've had a problem. Is there any way to contact Janome or do you have to contact a dealer?

When Dropbox shut down version 1 of their app interface on 9/28 AcuDesign could no longer import designs from Dropbox. An update was released a week or so later, but there have been more than a few reports of it crashing whenever you try to import a design. You can report the problem to Janome directly, but the fix will have to come from the Artistic people who created AcuDesign for Janome by cloning their DRAWings Snap app. Given that Dropbox notified developers several months in advance about the shut down of the V1 interface, and that AcuDesign did not get updated until after V1 was ended, it may be a while before this gets fixed. When you set up a new iPad you are asked if you want to shared data with app developers. This provides them with crash reports, which are an enormous help in fixing bugs. If you didn't do that when you set up your iPad, you can do it now in the Settings app. Tap "Privacy", then "Diagnostics & Usage".

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