Babylock Destiny II vs. Janome 15000


Does anyone in this group own an additional embroidery machine in addition to their Janome? I have a 15000 and am starting to have issues with it, since moving my dealer is over an hour away. It's back in the shop with a repeated issue where when I turn on the machine I get the "raise presser foot and needle then turn off and on" and I can't get it to start. I have been checking out local dealers and was given a demo on the Babylock Destiny II.  The scanner and camera eliminate the requirement for a clothsetter for accurate placement.  It looks awesome. I have always owned Janomes since I had an awesome dealer in town. But since I have moved it is a real pain. Any comments on switching machine brands? I am happy with my 15000, but the other machines have some really great features.

Cynthia in Virginia - lonely without her 15000

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