formatting usb stick

Livin inSP

Hi, I have a 15000v2 (not updated yet) and a friend just purchased an embroidery only 500e. I would like to know why Janome requires to format a usb stick before use? My friends that have other embroidery machines do not require this to be done. They are just able to use theirs without formatting it. The 500e also requires this to be done.

It's really more of a preemptive move on Janome's part. It you take a brand new stick out of the package and plug it into the machine it will be configured automatically with the basic folders without any action on your part. It happens almost instantly. The format requirement is there in case you use a USB stick that has previously been used to hold cat videos, last year's taxes, and scores from the last 12 bowling tournaments. Some of those files may cause the machine stress, particularly if Jeff's bowling scores happen to have a file extension of "jef". The format process, in theory, erases all the extraneous items and sets up the default folders. In some cases there may be hidden files or system files that can't be deleted. In those cases you need to use the format option on your computer first, but again this is ONLY when you are dealing with a "used" USB stick that has all manner of stuff on it.

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