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I constantly have the same issue. I have had this machine for several years now but it is only the last few months this has become a problem. I have not you done the updates or anything so that has no bearing on the problem.

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My 15000 was acting up before the update. I sewed fine for five months (new machine in April of this year). Then it started acting up in August. 

I got the update in September but it is still acting up. I don’t think it is related to the update. 

There is no way I can predict when it will happen.  I am sewing along. Many starts and stops. I stop sewing. I start sewing again and it crunches up in the bobbin. The thread has jumped out of the takeup lever whenever this happens. I don’t know if it is jumping out and that causes the bobbin thread mess or if the bobbin is messing up and somehow causes the upper thread to jump out of the takeup lever. I think it is the first.  

I had posted previously that I thought it was the thread type. But then I discovered the thread has jumped out of the takeup lever every time. 

Now if I were a brand new sewist, or had not sewed successfully on this machine for five months, I might think its me. But I really am sure something is wrong. 

I had it to the dealer last week BEFORE I noticed that it was jumping out of the takeup lever. He found a burr in the bobbin case...that isn’t the problem because as I said, now I’ve figured out what’s actually happening. 

Jim, any ideas before I head back to my dealer are so appreciated.   My dealer is very experienced (25 years), but any information I take could help.  I’m still making big payments and this is just disheartening. Thank the Lord I have a Skyline S5 to use. But I really want to learn the quilt in the hoop, embroidery, etc....aah don’t mean to moan. 

Thank you. 

Maria Morrow 

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If you open the door on the left end of your machine and look closely at the take-up lever, you will see that it has a small latch. The purpose of the latch is to prevent the thread from coming out. Many new owners are so afraid of breaking their machine that they thread very gently and fail to get the thread to snap into that latch. Try threading with the door open so you can verify that the thread is going into the latch. If you are still having trouble then it's more than likely either the latch itself being missing or damaged, or the check spring being misadjusted or damaged. The check spring is hidden inside the machine at the bottom of the thread path where it makes the U-turn to go back up to the top. If that spring isn't doing it's job the thread can loop back over the take-up lever and get pulled into the latch, which actually causes it to come out.

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