Re: Thread jumping out of the takeup lever

norma carson

I had this same problem to the point where the dealer replaced the whole mechanism (takeup lever etc) and got it home and it did the same thing again, very frustrating! One person told me a quick fix (an employee of the dealer), she said to thread it wrong and that is instead of going from step 3 to 4 over the takeup lever you go 4 to 3 over the takeup lever which makes an X under the makeup lever, now I know everyone is going to say no, no, no but this is the only way I could sew without it coming out.....UNTIL the update, since then it's been fine and no problems...I think there might even be a photo in the group photos when I was asking for help back in the day. Good luck.
Lodi, CA

On Nov 4, 2017, at 5:19 PM, Maria Morrow mariamorrowquilter@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:

My 15000 was acting up before the update. I sewed fine for five months (new machine in April of this year). Then it started acting up in August. 

I got the update in September but it is still acting up. I don’t think it is related to the update. 

There is no way I can predict when it will happen.  I am sewing along. Many starts and stops. I stop sewing. I start sewing again and it crunches up in the bobbin. The thread has jumped out of the takeup lever whenever this happens. I don’t know if it is jumping out and that causes the bobbin thread mess or if the bobbin is messing up and somehow causes the upper thread to jump out of the takeup lever. I think it is the first.  

I had posted previously that I thought it was the thread type. But then I discovered the thread has jumped out of the takeup lever every time. 

Now if I were a brand new sewist, or had not sewed successfully on this machine for five months, I might think its me. But I really am sure something is wrong. 

I had it to the dealer last week BEFORE I noticed that it was jumping out of the takeup lever. He found a burr in the bobbin case...that isn’t the problem because as I said, now I’ve figured out what’s actually happening. 

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