Janome 12000 red/yellow bobbin cases - embroidery


Hi Jim and all you other wonderful, knowledgeable people.

Could someone please tell me which is the best bobbin case to use in the Janome 12000 when doing machine embroidery and also straight sewing.  I know this has been covered before in some degree but I am currently getting differing opinions and having arguments with my dealer.

I have been using the yellow dot holder for everything (machine embroidery, straight sewing) as this is the only one that seems to work in my machine correctly.  As soon as I put the red dot holder in, after a few stitches both with straight sewing and machine embroidery, it starts to break threads and break needles.  I have absolutely no problems when using the yellow dot bobbin case.

I have already had one red dot holder replaced because of a burr, but the replacement red one has not worked, so I have been using the yellow one for everything I do.

Recently when my machine came back from being repaired (different issue, shoddy previous repair work) and serviced, ALL factory settings were placed back to default as part of the fix.  I was chastised by the service man for using the yellow bobbin case and was told I must always use the red bobbin case.  He put in the red bobbin case at the time.  As soon as the machine was returned to me I test it on straight stitching and machine embroidery and I was having the same issue.  I then put in the yellow case and have been flying along nicely in that way.

Every time I take the machine in to get something done I am always chastised for using the yellow dot bobbin case and it gets removed by them and the red one put in.  

I need a definitive answer now as this is starting to drive me up the wall.  If there is an issue with the settings that the red bobbin case will not work, then how can that be when the machine was set to factory defaults at the last repair/service.  Following this recent repair the machine has been working perfectly, just without using the red bobbin case.

Thanks all.

Irene Lowe
Melton, Victoria, Australia

The tension in the "red dot" case is adjusted to be optimal for both regular sewing and embroidery. However it is based on using Janome bobbin thread. Other types of bobbin thread may need additional tension, which is what the yellow dot case is for. From the description of your problem, it sounds like you have either been given the wrong red dot case for your machine, or there is hook damage that only shows up with the normal tension of the red dot case. I would suggest removing the plate and bobbin case and examining the hook rase that the bobbin case sits on. Use strong light and a magnifying glass to look for burrs, pits, or gouges. These can sometimes be buffed out, but in bad cases it is necessary to replace the hook race. If you don't find anything stay after your dealer and don't leave the shop until you have a working red dot case.

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