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Patricia Ward

Sue, good article and I have seen the difference between the chain store fabrics in a quilt and the quality quilt store fabrics.  
One time at quilt guild one of our members brought a quilt that she had made about 8 years before using some of the chain store fabrics.   Each block that contained the chain store fabrics had faded fabric in it.  This was not a quilt that was exposed to high sunlight ... just normal light... and wow, did that fabric fade.   She said she learned her lesson about where to purchase her fabrics.  She then went on to detail some of this information that is in the article.  

Seeing is believing; so believe this article. 

Pat in MD

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This article was in a link from my guild newsletter.  I thought it was a good explanation of how fabric is made.  I have started weeding through my stash, giving away my bargain fabric.  I tell the recipients so they can decide for themselves if they want it.  I buy very little these days, and only what I need, not extra because I like it!  No judgement implied, just thought it was interesting, and explains why quilt shops charge more. 
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