Re: My 15000 won’t sew with polyester thread

Maria Morrow

I took my machine to the dealer today. There was a nick or “burr” in the bobbin case which the thread was sporadically hanging up on.  He sanded that smooth and it works great!  He said the 15000 should not be finicky on quality  brands of thread.  He told me with regular sewing, the weight and type of top and bottom threads need to match. I didn’t know that either.  

Again, I can’t say enough good about All About Sewing in Harahan, LA!

Thanks for all the input !

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You don’t say if it is a new spool or all spools.  If it is a new-ish spool, check it to make sure the thread isn’t cross wound or got knotted up in the winding process.  I was having trouble with a spool of Gutermann on my 6600 the other day and realized it wasn’t feeding right.  Got the end untwisted and unwound a few feet and it sewing fine from there on out.

I was also having thread issues with my serger and it turned out to be needle problems.


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