Re: OT Purse pattern you love

cas <cassweet@...>

Thanks Ceil.

I think the Park West would be too big for me too.  I use a cross body backpack type purse now, and often just a little pouch purse that holds my phone and a cloth “receipt keeper” that has two pockets, one for credit cards.  Fun to make and good holiday gift:


Your story is so funny, and it’s nice she gave you a compliment.  It’s a very pretty purse!


I love that StudioKat site.  Thanks for the link.  I like the Gadabout, and I noticed you get a free purse insert pattern when you buy a bag pattern there. I’m going to look closely at some of the other patterns too. 


Hopefully our OT chat will let people know the evils of Connecting Threads so they don’t get chewed out by their dealer,  lol!  Btw they sell that thread on Amazon and other places as well so it’s important to look closely to see what thread you’re buying.  I think I bought a bundle there because when I tried to get a credit from CT for it they said I only bought 2 spools.  My sewing studio was so dusty from it!  My PC was really clogged and it may have helped it die a slow death even with frequent cleaning.


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