Re: OT Purse pattern you love

Ceil J

Nosy is good! We'd never learn without it!
Re: Connecting Threads material- I found them to be very inconsistent in quality ranging from very poor with a loose weave, plastic-like printing, and fading to just okay.  I thought they were a great buy too but you can get good buys at Joann's too but the quality just doesn't compare to most of the major companies. Once I bought some nice fabric lines such as Moda I could tell the difference right away.  If I'm going to make something nice, something I've spent my precious time on, I don't want to use fabric that won't give me great results.  I did find that some of their batiks worked fine, but life's getting too short for me to waste time taking chances.  Now I buy fabric when I know it's going to be quality.
I'm not saying it's all or mostly junk, and they have introduced some new lines with designers who likely would not risk their reputation on junky fabric.  You can always buy samples and test them too as their charm packs are very inexpensive.

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