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sandy k

Your welcome.  Ive made 10! And is my favorite purse for myself!

SandyK Magnolia Springs Quilts
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Thanks for that great link!  I don't think it would fit in my bag but I sure can modify it. 
Here's another idea then that I forgot about.  I was a pattern tester (only once, I don't really need the free patterns or the stress of finishing) and this bag was a LOT of work but turned out great.  Unfortunately it's too big for most of the time so I only rarely use it, plus it weighs more than I'd like due to its weight.  But she makes a lot of other bags and you might find one that works. If you google "Park West" bag mine is the one that comes up with the bright green handles.  I have a funny story for this bag.  I stepped aside at a store to let a woman pass and she barely looked at me and didn't say "thank you" which I expected.  However, after she went by me she said, "nice bag".  I almost fell over!  It certainly is bright. 
Yes, no more Connecting Threads thread either.  I use what I bought (before I knew better) in my Juki which is a mechanical machine but really regret buying it.  When I went to my dealer for the update, I had taken the 5-thread holder off the back and put away the threads.  I didn't want to show up with no thread in the machine so just grabbed a CT thread that was sitting nearby.  Well, my dealer (who is great) looked closly at it, frowned, and asked if it was CT, and when I said it was, he told me not to use it.  I explained that I usually don't have it in the machine but felt like a kid when the teacher catches her doing something she knows is wrong! 
These bags are pretty popular too and have tempted me:
Good luck and don't forget to post if you find the perfect bag. :)

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