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Thanks for the ideas Ceil.


I have sewn a bag I invented myself.  I thought of everything, made all the pockets the right size and everything. Yes, I even made an outer pocket for my tablet. I put little rubber feet on it.   BUT, it was too heavy!  I made it from denim, with denim pockets and quilted lining.  Also, I made the inner pockets too close to the top.  So I decided to add a snap and took it to a local place where they sell heavy duty snaps.  Since he put it on free I took advantage of that, only to have him put it off center.  Arrrrrgggghhhhhh!  That drove me nuts quick.  The main reason I don’t use it is that it really hurts my already damaged neck, it’s just too heavy.  I don’t even carry that much stuff, but do have a habit of carrying stuff “just in case” I need it.


Anyhow.  I’m hoping to save all that brain steam and buy a pattern that is darn near perfect already, and then make adjustments as needed.  Or, I might just make a perfect inside organizer, and different shells.  This one is pretty nice:


I no longer buy Connecting Threads thread or fabric.  I find it very poor quality.  I gave away all the thread I bought there and wrote on the bag “for hand sewing only” so no one junks up their machine with all the lint.    The fabric ravels like crazy and is so open weave it doesn’t hold shape at all. 

Thanks for the link for the recessed zipper. I subscribe to So Sew Easy email too.


lol@ your old bag sounding funny.  I agree, it does. (says this old bag, ha!)  Maybe she said “I thought so” because she admired your old bag though.



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Never finding the perfect bag I've made my own.  Several years ago I made the "Laguna" bag which is a pattern from Quilter's Dream.  I added inside and outside zip pockets and custom pockets inside.  I literally loved it to death as one day I realized it had LOTS of wear.  Oh, and one day early on someone asked if I made the bag and when I replied "yes", she said "I thought so".  This was because, I suspect I used batting for the sides.
So to replace the bag I wanted the same size 11x16x3 but I wanted it to last longer than the several years of my old bag.  ("my old bag" sounds funny).  I used the same basic pattern but, after looking at the areas of greatest wear, made the handles out of a nice vinyl which I also used for the bottom corners (copying from a bag called "The Everything Bag" from Connecting Threads.  I used better fabric as I no longer buy fabrics from Connecting Threads, used Annie's Soft and Stable to line it, and added a zip top closure following directions online similar, if not,  I again put in an outside zip compartment, one inside to hide my wallet and loose money, and custom pockets inside tweaking what I had done before. 
It took me a while to finish but I'm glad I did.  I'm hoping that there won't be an issue with not putting the vinyl at the very bottom of the bag but my old one didn't show wear there so that should work out well.  The longest part might be the planning as you want a bag that is the right size for you.  So I'd say start with a favorite bag and go from there.  When I made my first bag I wasn't sure that it would be so perfect, I thought it would be too big at first but it turned out to be the right size for putting a book or ipad in it which was a consideration for me.  I don't carry them around unless going to an appointment but it's nice to know they fit.  If I can figure it out again, I'll post photos.

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