Re: 15000 update

Anne Parker

All I can say is that I'm glad I've decided not to upgrade.  I'm not a quilt maker and have a perfectly functioning machine and needle threader.  I don't intend to trade in my 15000 so it makes no difference to anyone but me.  I hope others don't feel pressurised into upgrading just because there is an upgrade.

I think you need to assess what you want the machine for.  Will the upgrade give you any more functionality that you really need? The 15000 actually does more than I ever really wanted a new machine for.

I'm happy with my machine - that has never so far needed any maintenance or adjustment - and will spend the extra pennies on other things and new feet and thread and fabric that I need for the 15000 and the other machines I have, - and maybe look at getting a cutting machine or other feet (probably generic) for the 15000 and the other machines I own that help me to do what I want to do.

I'm happy for those that have had a good experience with the upgrade provided it has given you actual functions that you want.  If it has given you functions that you don't use - what is the point?

I have to say that unless I was a member of this forum I wouldn't even know there was an upgrade/update to quilt maker.  I haven't received any messages from Janome UK or from the dealer that was allocated the discount for looking after my machine when I bought directly from a show.

Has anyone in UK received any communication about this update/upgrade at all from Janome UK or their dealer without them asking about it?


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