Re: Win10 and HL - New question for 15000 updated / upgraded


Jim, I've searched the conversations and found / tried all of the above mentioned solutions / sites.  
After EmbLink took over, the images of .jef in Windows 10 explorer are no longer visible, except as a flower icon.  I can, however, see .hus / .pes files, etc., so I have cleared the explorer cache, reset the view in properties, etc.

I have Premier + Embroidery installed and use it regularly.  I think this is where the conflict resides, however, I have been unable to resolve the issue.  JAI tech support has not responded to my email.

The only other thing I can think of is where the HorizonLink files should reside on the hd.  Currently, it is installed C:\Users\user\Horizon Link Suite_v1.31.  Is this the problem?

I appreciate any ideas you may have.


I think that this may be the single most annoying "feature" of Windows, in all versions. You install a program. The icons reflect that program and clicking on them opens it. Cool, this just works. Then you install a new program that handles the same types of files. It changes the icons the first program put in, and now wants to open those files. The first program is left out in the cold. It looks like Horizon Link Suite has taken over the JEF file association. This page will help you restore it:

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