Re: Anyone have problem with the update for the 15000?

Anne Parker

I'm beginning to think I won't bother with the update - haven't actually installed the one for couching either.  What benefit does this upgrade give you?

I'm probably only really thinking about it as my machine is in storage, and given the hic-cups we have had with our house sale it is seriously likely that I won't get it unpacked again until about March next year.

I have no real problem with the needle threader. Only very occasionally it hasn't worked, and that has been as far as I can remember when I have changed needle.  I guess it puts you off changing the needle, but that is the only glitch.  It works perfectly and does all I want it to do - so - can people tell me what benefits the upgrade has given you that you actually use?  Is the upgrade worth the cost of paying for it?


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