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1. The first version of HorizonLink (1.0) did not allow access to any design folders except those in "My Documents" and those installed by HorizonLink. You probably have updated to version 1.01, which allows access to drive C as well. Depending on where you have your designs stored, it could take a lot of clicking to get to the right folder. If you have them in the "My Documents" folder, you can start with the "Documents" folder shown by HorizonLink. It's still kind of clunky to work with though.

2. When you open a design in the "Ready to Sew" window the name doesn't show. You can only see the names when selecting a file to open, and then only the first 8 letters of the name. I think they have dropped the name when opening a design in order to make room for the controls needed on the ready to sew screen. I'm sure they also assumed that you saw the name when opening, so there was no need to copy it to the RTS screen. Hopefully future models will have bigger and better screens!

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1. Used Horizon Link to send two different sizes of my corgi to the machine and it sent instantly. Had a hard time getting back to the dog folder in Horizon Link. It took lots of steps. Is there an easier way?

2. I named each of the designs in the 12k but when I view them individually in the 12000, the names of the designs don't show so I have to look at the stitch count to determine which one is larger. I can't find the answer in the book. Thanks.

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