Machine freezing

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I had my machine updated a week ago, and invited a friend to use it for her quilt, because her machine is very small.  It worked like a charm, until she ran over a safety pin.  Now it does nothing, the error message says to raise the presser foot and needle bar, and turn on the power.  when I turn it on,it makes a grinding noise, and nothing works.  The soonest the dealer can look at it is next Wednesday.  I'm hoping it can be fixed; I haven't even finished paying for it yet!  I thought it would be OK to let her use it, but I'm less than thrilled that she jammed something.  Does anyone have any suggestions about what could be wrong?  I'm probably being paranoid, but all I can think of is needing to replace it.  I'll have to be careful about letting other people use my machines from now on.  Thanks for your help.  Sue Raabe

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