Re: Error Message

darlene Reese

Yes, I am having all the same issues. Now can’t even convert my sew files, which were converted before this.
I am also disappointed. Going to a computer dealer today to get him to transfer my files into iCloud or my laptop. I don5 know how to do this. I was so happy when I could use the AcuDesign, never even turned on my laptop.
I never got a free iPad with my 15000, had to buy one myself, so got the 32 g one.
It is extremely disappointing to pay all that money for a machine and then go
Backwards because they don’t update the software.
I have a call in to Janome support and also an email, but so far, no response. No5 very good service as far as I can see.
Also talked to my dealer, he offered no support.
Very disappointed!
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