Re: Error Message

Deb Keldrauk

This is the first time in 10 years of owning and using a Janome that I am truly disappointed. I understand what Jim says, it's expensive to update apps, HOWEVER Janome stressed the ease of use of Acu Design, using it with Dropbox (I upgraded my storage space on Dropbox for a fee) and the other apps AND the fact that the machine came with an iPad (which I never did use, I chose a better device) makes this error problem related to the API version a real BIG issue. Janome needs to spend the time and $ to fix it. AcuDesign is basically useless in it's current form. It all worked so beautifully for me and probably many others. I am going to have to rely on my aging laptop to work with my files and 15000 now and I feel like it is a real STEP BACKWARDS. I have contacted Apple requesting a refund for the lettering module that I paid $49.99 for. I'd rather just use Embrilliance Essentials to add/change lettering to designs that go through the steps to get AcuDesign to open a design from the cloud edit it and then save it again if necessary and or upload it to my machine. For some reason, the app does not remain connected to my iCloud Drive and has to be re-enabled every time I go into the app I CAN'T STAND THIS HASSLE.
Rant over but I am going to get a contact number from my dealer and give them the speech as well.
Thanks for listening,
Deb in CA

Rather than rant to your dealer, I would suggest just asking her when AcuDesign will be updated. That may lead them to call Janome. Then post your rant to the Janome Facebook page. That will get it in front of people who can make something happen.

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