Re: Error Message

Deb Keldrauk

Your patience with and care of the people in this group continues to amaze me. I have been able to use the Dropbox app in the way you described above - it is far from the simplicity of the “old” way, such a shame. Thanks so much for taking the time to instruct me(us) on this. One last question is it possible to use iCloud in the way Dropbox used to work? I have tried to enable icCoud in the settings menu but so far iCloud doesn’t show up in the import box.
Bless you!
Deb in CA

In its simplest form iCloud works like Dropbox. Unfortunately AcuDesign does not implement iCloud that way. If you enable the iCloud option AcuDesign will store designs there to avoid taking up space on your iPad. They don't provide a way to import from it or export to it, but in iOS 10 and above you can choose to store designs there. If you enable iCloud after the fact it seems to store designs in an iCloud container that is specific to the AcuDesign app. You apparently don't have access to it outside of the app. Even the help system, which is shared with DRAWings Snap is extremely vague about how iCloud is used. It's unfortunate that the power and useful nature of the app is crippled by the process of getting designs into and out of the app.

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