Re: Anyone have problem with the update for the 15000?


I just had my machine updated to the 3.0 with the new needle threader.  The needle threader worked fine at the store, but now doesn’t  work, even with a size 14 needle.   I had problems in the past with the needle threader and it was fixed.  I am not please with the new update.


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I have had my 1500 updated with the new needle threader.  It worked fine.  I used the embroidery unit yesterday and now when I go back to regular sewing, it seems to be jammed and the machine vibrates when I turn it on?

Has anyone had that problem?

Is there a "home remedy"?

Barb in NC

Check for something caught in the carriage that prevents it from moving. Other than that there is no "home remedy", as the covers will likely need to come off. Sorry to say it is probably dealer time.

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